Armitage Screenshots and Screencasts


Armitage: Fast and Easy Hacking (Promotional Screencast)
Cobalt Strike: Adversary Simulations and Red Team Operations
Advanced Threat Tactics course
6 hours of material; This is how I hack today
Learn how to hack Metasploitable with Armitage
Armitage: Hail Mary Attack (smarter db_autopwn)
Multi-Player Metasploit--Realized


Meterpreter Post 
Post-exploitation on a Windows 2000 box through a Windows XP pivot.
Armitage configures most exploits for you. Click launch, get access.


Cortana: Rise of the Automated Red Team
DEFCON 20 (Jul 12)
Force Multipliers for Red Team Operations
BSides Las Vegas (Jul 12)
There is no 'I' in Red Team
BSides Delaware (Nov 2011)
Hak5 Ep. 10.10x2 (Oct 11)
Interview at DerbyCon
Guest Segment on PaulDotCom Security Weekly Ep. 260 (Sept 11)
Something, something, network attack collaboration. (May 11)
Nova Hackers
Penetration Testing with Armitage (Mar 11)
N. Alabama ISSA
Armitage Collaboration and Getting Started Demo at Reverse Space (Feb 11)
[See Georgia's Metasploit Unleashed Class]
Top 10 Power User Features @ Shmoocon 2011 Firetalks (Jan 11)
Hak5 Ep. 822 (Jan 11) : Armitage interview by Mubix
Armitage talk at ISSA-DC (Jan 11)

Armitage Sightings

Armitage on... the Fox show Breaking In. Episode #105: Breaking Out. (May 2011)
Armitage on... the cover of the Linux Journal (May 2011)
Armitage on... a cake by (Apr 11)